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    • Donald Trump: I´d bring back ´a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding´

      Ted Cruz denied practice of simulated drowning used during the Bush administration was ?torture? during Republican debate in New Hampshire

      Donald Trump said he would ?bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding?, or simulated drowning, at the Republican debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Saturday.

      His Republican rival Ted Cruz, asked whether the practice notoriously used under the Bush administration during the war on terror was torture, denied it was: ?Under the definition of torture, no it?s not. It is enhanced interrogation ... It does not meet the generally recognized definition of torture.?

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    • North Korea launches long-range rocket, angering US

      John Kerry said the launch, which defied UN sanctions, was a ?provocation? to the region as Seoul says it may deploy a new missile defence system

      The US has warned of ?serious consequences? after North Korea launched a long-range rocket on Sunday morning, in defiance of international sanctions banning it from using ballistic missile technology.

      Pyongyang said the rocket had successfully put an Earth observation satellite into orbit, but the US and its allies believe the regime uses satellite launches as covert tests of technology that could be used to develop a missile capable of striking the US mainland.

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    • Brexit donor´s company spells out risks of quitting EU

      Peter Cruddas says British exit ?could mean lower profits and curbs on control over staff?

      The multi-million-pound business run by a key donor to Vote Leave ? the group campaigning for Britain to leave the EU ? has warned potential investors that its profits and ability to move workers and capital around the world could suffer from a British exit from the European Union.

      Related: Deputy chair of Vote Leave condemns ´damaging bickering´ at top of group

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    • Murders in Spain, and a Dublin attack with AK-47s: the deadly 20-year war of Ireland?s drug cartels

      With the shooting in a Dublin hotel of gangster David Byrne, the bloody rivalry between Ireland?s most notorious drug bosses erupted into the lives of ordinary people, leaving police and politicians equally dismayed

      Wearing nothing more than a pair of royal blue Superman Y-fronts, Irish boxing contender Jamie Kavanagh was flexing his muscles for the cameras on stage in preparation for the weigh-in when automatic gunfire echoed around the main hall of Dublin?s Regency Hotel.

      Dozens of people attending Friday?s pre-bout ritual for yesterday?s subsequently aborted WBO fight for the European lightweight title fled for their lives. Young boys were caught on a live television feed screaming for their fathers as the shots rang out. As the camera that had been trained on the fighters moved around the room a panic broke out, and the audio captured the sound of a child calling: ?Daddy, Daddy help me! What happened, Daddy??

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    • Watch lists don´t always stop people leaving UK, police officer says

      Officer tells judge in forced marriage protection case that border system is compromised by airlines not doing checks

      Border alert systems designed to prevent people on police watch lists from fleeing the UK are ?compromised? and cannot be trusted to catch offenders, a police officer has told a high court judge.

      Placing people?s names on a ?watch list? or on the police national computer did not guarantee they would be stopped, the officer told Mr Justice MacDonald.

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