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    • Tory chairmen should quit over bullying scandal - activist´s father

      Ray Johnson, whose son accused aide Mark Clarke of bullying before he apparently killed himself, says Shapps and Feldman should resign

      Grant Shapps and Lord Feldman should resign over revelations the Conservative party failed to act on complaints about an election aide at the heart of a bullying scandal, says the father of a young activist believed to have killed himself.

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    • Elliott Johnson: the young Tory destroyed by the party he loved

      Simon Hattenstone investigates the apparent suicide of a 21-year-old activist ? and uncovers a brutal world of alleged bullying and ambition, with ex-candidate Mark Clarke at its centre

      Elliott Johnson?s parents sit at their kitchen table, competing over memories. Even as a baby, Elliott couldn?t stop yabbering, says his mother, Alison. His father, Ray, smiles. ?We almost christened him Yellalot rather than Elliott.? When Elliott was six, the local vicar visited his primary school and came away with one conclusion: the precocious lad with the opinions was going to be a politician. ?He was saying words like palaeontologist. People would just look at him in amazement and think how can he say words like that?? Alison says. In his final year at primary school he edited a school newspaper and he had a column entitled Know It All Elliott. He was a know it all, but he wasn?t a smart arse, Ray says. Alison nods. ?He?s always been very popular, and had lots of friends.?

      We meet at their home in Wisbech, the beautiful market town in Cambridgeshire. Their detached three-storey Georgian town house sits on the northern bank of the river Nene. It?s only a few weeks since Elliott was found dead, aged 21. Their trauma is obvious ? Alison is tearful, Ray?s hands are shaking. But they are determined to remember the best of their son. So they talk about the mock election held at school in 2010, alongside the general election. Elliott, who was in his final year of GCSEs and was one of three children, decided to stand as a Conservative candidate. Incredibly, he won more than 80% of the vote. ?He received letters from Boris Johnson and Baroness Warsi congratulating him on the result,? Ray says. He pauses. ?I think a lot of them voted for him just to get him off their backs, to be honest. I asked him how he managed to get over 80%, and he said it was because the others were lazy.?

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    • Three dead after gunman storms Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado
      • Two civilians and police officer killed after hours-long standoff
      • The gunman, who was armed with a rifle, has been arrested
      • Some staff escaped by hiding in the building?s special ?safe areas?

      Three people have been killed after a gunman armed with a rifle stormed a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs and opened fire before an hours-long standoff with police ended when he surrendered.

      Two civilians and one police officer died, Colorado Springs police chief Peter Carey told reporters about an hour after the suspect had been arrested.

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    • Jeremy Corbyn seeks grassroots Labour support for stance against bombing Syria

      Leader hopes party members can help persuade MPs not to vote for David Cameron?s planned airstrikes on Isis

      Jeremy Corbyn is expected to seek the direct backing of grassroots Labour members and the party?s ruling body as he tries to persuade his MPs not to support David Cameron?s case for bombing Islamic State in Syria.

      The Labour leader is facing a revolt from within his shadow cabinet over whether to back the government in a Commons vote next week, with most leaning in favour of military action, including Hilary Benn, the shadow foreign secretary, and Tom Watson, the deputy party leader.

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    • Girl, 11, delivers mother´s baby before heading to school

      Caitlin Burke hands Elsa-Monet to her mum, Tara Knightley, after unravelling the newborn?s umbilical cord

      An 11-year-old became an impromptu midwife when she single-handedly delivered her mother?s new baby ? before going to school as normal.

      Caitlin Burke called the ambulance after her mother, Tara Knightley, went into labour minutes after Knightley?s partner had left the house at 5am on Tuesday.

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