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    • Families of Tiananmen Square victims accuse Beijing of three decades of ´white terror´

      Campaigners say they have been spied on and threatened by security agents in letter released in the run-up to 27th anniversary of the protests

      The families of those killed during the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown have accused Beijing of subjecting them to nearly three decades of ?white terror? in a bid to stop them speaking out about the massacre.

      In an open letter, published on Wednesday ahead of the 27th anniversary of the protests, the Tiananmen Mothers campaigning group said its members had been spied on, detained and threatened by security agents as part of attempts to cover up the killings.

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    • Trump´s ´playbooks´ offer a glimpse into his ruthless business practices

      More than 400 pages of released Trump University files describe how staff should target financial weaknesses to sell high-priced real estate courses

      A federal judge has given the world an unprecedented glimpse into the ruthless business practices Donald Trump used to build his business empire.

      US district court judge Gonzalo Curiel on Tuesday made public more than 400 pages of Trump University ?playbooks? describing how Trump staff should target prospective students? weaknesses to encourage them to sign up for a $34,995 Gold Elite three-day package.

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    • TUC chief ridicules ´phoney´ Brexit campaigners

      Wealthy leaders of Vote Leave camp failing to convince electorate they are champions of working people, says Frances O?Grady

      Frances O?Grady, the general secretary of the TUC, has ridiculed senior Brexit campaigners for painting themselves as the champions of working people, as she warns that wages would be £38 a week lower outside the European Union.

      Leaders of the Vote Leave campaign, including employment minister Priti Patel and former mayor of London Boris Johnson, have sought to position themselves as fighting for the rights of ordinary British families against a moneyed elite.

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    • Egyptair flight 804: future black boxes should eject in crash, says Airbus

      Engineering chief says ?deployable? flight recorders that launch from an airliner and float rather than sinking with wreckage would speed up search and recovery

      The crash of an EgyptAir jet has strengthened the case for ejectable ?black boxes? that are launched out of an aircraft in an accident, making them easier to find, the most senior engineer at Airbus has said.

      Investigators are searching in some of the deepest waters of the Mediterranean for flight recorders from an EgyptAir Airbus A320, which crashed on 19 May, killing 66 people.

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    • Blair government´s rendition policy led to rift between UK spy agencies

      MI5 chief?s complaint over MI6 role in ?war on terror? abductions caused prolonged breakdown in relations

      British involvement in controversial and clandestine rendition operations provoked an unprecedented row between the UK?s domestic and foreign intelligence services, MI5 and MI6, at the height of the ?war on terror?, the Guardian can reveal.

      The head of MI5, Eliza Manningham-Buller, was so incensed when she discovered the role played by MI6 in abductions that led to suspected extremists being tortured, she threw out a number of her sister agency?s staff and banned them from working at MI5?s headquarters, Thames House.

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