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    • Ex-intelligence chief: Trump´s access to nuclear codes is ´pretty damn scary´

      James Clapper questioned the US president?s ?fitness to be in this office? after his speech in Phoenix, joining a growing chorus of alarm over his erratic behavior

      Donald Trump?s access to the nuclear codes is ?pretty damn scary?, a former US intelligence chief has said, calling Trump?s rally in Arizona on Tuesday night ?disturbing?.

      James Clapper, director of national intelligence (DNI) for seven years under Barack Obama, questioned the US president?s ?fitness to be in this office? after his demagogic performance in Phoenix, and expressed anxiety about Trump?s power to launch nuclear weapons without consulting Congress or any other official.

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    • Jon Snow: reporting on Grenfell made me feel on wrong side of social divide

      Channel 4 presenter uses MacTaggart lecture to warn that the media lack diversity and are far removed from ordinary people

      The veteran journalist Jon Snow said reporting on the deadly Grenfell Tower fire made him feel ?on the wrong side? of Britain?s social divide and warned that he and others in the media had become too far removed from ordinary people?s lives.

      The Channel 4 news presenter used a keynote speech at the Edinburgh television festival to say the episode made him conclude that there was a lack of diversity across the media, which should have been more aware about the dangers of the high-rise block.

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    • EU nationals deportation letters an ´unfortunate error´, says May

      Home Office mistakenly sent up to 100 letters to EU citizens telling them to leave UK or face removal

      Theresa May admitted the Home Office made an ?unfortunate error? when it mistakenly sent up to 100 letters to EU nationals living in the UK ordering them to leave the country or face deportation.

      The prime minister was forced into the statement after it emerged that a Finnish academic working in London had highlighted the warning letter she had received, which told her to leave the UK or risk being detained.

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    • Ex-courier convicted for mowing down woman on his track bike

      Charlie Alliston, 20, found guilty of causing bodily harm over collision with Kim Briggs, who died from ?catastrophic? head injuries

      A former courier has been convicted of causing bodily harm to a woman who died after he mowed her down on a bicycle in east London.

      Charlie Alliston, 20, was a fan of ?dangerous? bike racing videos and did not have a front brake on his track bike ? a legal requirement if ridden on the road.

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    • Allah-Las gig cancelled in Rotterdam due to terror threat

      Concert by US rock band called off after tipoff from Spanish police, while vehicle containing gas bottles is found near venue

      A concert in Rotterdam by the US rock group Allah-Las has been cancelled because of a terror threat, police said.

      ?Police took this information seriously enough that after discussion with organisers it was decided to cancel the event,? the Rotterdam police statement said on Wednesday night.

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