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    • Gaza fighting continues as both sides reject others´ ceasefire announcements
      Death toll rises to more than 1,030 as Unicef says 218 children have been killed, two-thirds of them under the age of 12

      Fighting between Hamas and Israel continued on Sunday despite a series of ceasefire announcements by both sides, each of which was rejected by the other amid mutual blame and recrimination.

      There was no sign of a longer-term deal to end the military confrontation, which began three weeks ago on Tuesday and which has claimed about 1,100 lives, the vast majority of them Palestinian civilians. The US secretary of state, John Kerry, returned to Washington at the weekend after his efforts to forge a ceasefire agreement between the two sides failed.

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    • Fracking push gets go-ahead across UK as ministers tighten safeguards
      Drilling will be allowed in national parks in ´exceptional circumstances´ but ministers retain power to veto plans

      Ministers will give the go-ahead on Monday for a big expansion of fracking across Britain that will allow drilling in national parks and other protected areas in "exceptional circumstances".

      The government will invite firms to bid for onshore oil and gas licences for the first time in six years, with about half of the country advertised for exploration. Ministers are also clarifying the rules on when drilling can take place in national parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONBs) and world heritage sites, following calls by environmental campaigners for an outright ban on drilling in them.

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    • IVF technique that tests embryos for genetic disorders has first success
      UK doctors report first pregnancy from new procedure in couple who had high risk of passing on lethal disease to their child

      Doctors in London have reported the first pregnancy in Europe from a new IVF procedure that checks embryos for genetic disorders before they are implanted.

      The technique allows doctors to select embryos that are free of dangerous mutations carried by one or both parents even if the precise nature of the genetic defect is unknown.

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    • MH370 families offer to counsel bereaved relatives of MH17 victims
      Remains of those killed not expected to be returned to Malaysia for some time as forensic testing in Netherlands continues

      Families of the passengers and crew members on board missing flight MH370 have begun offering counselling to the relatives of those who died last week on downed flight MH17.

      The remains of MH17 victims are not expected to arrive back in Malaysia for many more weeks. "No one deserves to go through what they´re going through," said Jacquita Gonzalez, wife of MH370 in-flight supervisor Patrick Francis Gomez.

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    • Asteroid´s ´bad timing´ killed off dinosaurs, new evidence shows
      Edinburgh University experts say asteroid hit Earth at a time when ecosystems had been weakened by a loss of biodiversity

      Dinosaurs might have survived the catastrophic impact that ended their reign had the devastating asteroid that slammed into the Earth arrived at a "more convenient time", a scientist has claimed. As a result humans would probably not exist.

      The violent collision 66m years ago, which occurred in the area that is now Mexico, triggered tsunamis across the oceans, caused powerful earthquakes and released enough heat to start many fires.

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