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    • EU considers migration ?emergency brake? for UK for up to seven years

      Diplomats working on deal to give Theresa May greater concessions than those won by David Cameron, despite French doubts

      Plans to allow the United Kingdom an exemption from EU rules on freedom of movement for up to seven years while retaining access to the single market are being considered in European capitals as part of a potential deal on Brexit.

      Senior British and EU sources have confirmed that despite strong initial resistance from French president François Hollande in talks with prime minister Theresa May last week, the idea of an emergency brake on the free movement of people that would go far further than the one David Cameron negotiated before the Brexit referendum is being examined.

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    • Corbyn aide accused of ?illegal entry? to MP?s Westminster office

      Former shadow cabinet minister Seema Malhotra makes formal complaint to Commons Speaker and Labour leader over alleged security breach

      The battle for the leadership of the Labour party took an extraordinary twist on Saturday as Jeremy Corbyn?s aides were accused in effect of breaking into the offices of a resigning shadow cabinet minister in a major breach of security and parliamentary privilege.

      Seema Malhotra, who was until recently shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, said a campaign of intimidation and harassment against her staff had culminated in the ?illegal? and ?unauthorised entry? to her office in Westminster.

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    • Munich killer was bullied teenage loner who had obsession with mass murder
      ? Ali Sonboly carried out deadly spree on anniversary of Utøya massacre
      ? Gunman apparently used hacked Facebook page to lure victims
      ? Police attempt to trace Glock semi-automatic pistol used by attacker

      The German 18-year-old who killed nine people at a Munich shopping centre on Friday night was obsessed with mass killings, owned a book on US school shootings and played computer shooting games.

      Most of his victims were fellow teenagers, five of them under 16. The loss of so many young people added to the depth of mourning in Germany, where people are struggling to understand how a shy student managed to acquire a gun and bullets and then turn them on his peers in cold blood.

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    • Families stuck on roads into Dover told chaos will last until Monday

      Holidaymakers and lorry drivers trapped in traffic for up to 12 hours, with delays blamed on shortage of French border staff

      Holidaymakers trapped in their cars on the roads to Dover have been told the travel chaos will continue until Monday.

      The first day of the holiday season turned into a traffic nightmare for travellers, with many stuck in traffic jams on the A2, A20 and M20 for up to 12 hours while they waited to cross the Channel and start their summer breaks in France and beyond.

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    • Donald Trump: EU was formed ´to beat the US at making money´

      The US presidential hopeful has renewed his criticism of the EU and defended his attacks on Nato allies

      Donald Trump has claimed that the European Union was created to ?beat the United States when it comes to making money? in an interview with NBC News.

      Speaking to Chuck Todd, whom the Republican nominee has repeatedly berated as ?sleepy-eyed?, Trump also said of the EU ?the reason that it got together was like a consortium so that it could compete with the United States?.

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