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    • Exclusive: shock figures reveal state of UK?s brutal prisons

      Observer analysis of inspection reports shows two in five jails are unsafe and inadequate conditions prevail in over two-thirds

      The scale of the crisis engulfing Britain?s prisons can be revealed, after an Observer investigation found that two-thirds are providing inmates with inadequate conditions or unacceptable treatment.

      An analysis of hundreds of inspections covering 118 institutions found that a staggering 68% are now providing unsatisfactory standards in at least one respect, with two in five jails deemed to be unacceptably unsafe.

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    • Neil Kinnock warns Jeremy Corbyn: ?Stop Brexit to save the NHS?
      As 20,000 Labour members protest at party stance on Brexit, former leader adds pressure to resist leaving EU

      Jeremy Corbyn has come under intense pressure to shift Labour?s position on Brexit after 20,000 members demanded a say over the issue and former leader Neil Kinnock backed halting Britain?s EU exit altogether.

      It is understood that the Labour leader will also be confronted by some in his shadow cabinet this week who want him to back remaining in the single market and customs union.

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    • Should we give up half of the Earth to wildlife?

      Populations of all kinds of wildlife are declining at alarming speed. One radical solution is to make 50% of the planet a nature reserve

      The orangutan is one of our planet?s most distinctive and intelligent creatures. It has been observed using primitive tools, such as the branch of a tree, to hunt food, and is capable of complex social behaviour. Orangutans also played a special role in humanity?s own intellectual history when, in the 19th century, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, co-developers of the theory of natural selection, used observations of them to hone their ideas about evolution.

      But humanity has not repaid orangutans with kindness. The numbers of these distinctive, red-maned primates are now plummeting thanks to our destruction of their habitats and illegal hunting of the species. Last week, an international study revealed that its population in Borneo, the animal?s last main stronghold, now stands at between 70,000 and 100,000, less than half of what it was in 1995. ?I expected to see a fairly steep decline, but I did not anticipate it would be this large,? said one of the study?s co-authors, Serge Wich of Liverpool John Moores University.

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    • Actors and activists join forces on Bafta red carpet to call time on sexism

      Gemma Arterton, Tessa Thompson, Gemma Chan and Jodie Whittaker are among 190 signatories of letter demanding end to abuse and inequality

      The most famous female stars of British film were set to stand together, each dressed in black, on Bafta?s red carpet outside London?s Royal Albert Hall, many accompanied by feminist activists rather than by their partners.

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    • Ramaphosa set to purge cabinet of Zuma cronies in war on corruption
      New president calls on South Africa to unite as police step up hunt for former leader?s son and missing Gupta brother

      Cyril Ramaphosa, the new president of South Africa, is expected to move within days to purge his cabinet of ministers tainted by allegations of corruption, and to intensify efforts to bring to trial high-profile businessmen alleged to have made millions under his predecessor, Jacob Zuma.

      Ramaphosa, 65, hailed a ?new dawn? in South Africa in his first major speech on Friday and promised to fight to ?turn the tide of corruption in our public institutions?. His speech, with its call to all South Africans to unite to set the country on a new path, prompted an outpouring of enthusiastic patriotism in the media.

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